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15 Aug 1997 and entered a stony labyrinth known as Lower Antelope Canyon. Canyon, where it empties six miles downstream into Lake Powell, the 

Slot Canyons. Southwestern slot canyons. Read More. Labyrinth Canyon, Lake Powell, AZ. AZArizonaCanyonFace CanyonLabyrinth CanyonLake  29 Sep 2010 Lake Powell, Utah (near Page, Az) @1.8 million acres Area: 175 to 250 sq. feet Marinas: 4 (Wahweap, Bullfrog, Antelope Point, Hall's Crossing) . I knew that I wanted to Paddle the canyon of Labyrinth Bay, but a 2018-04-07 Slot CanyonThis is our Slot Canyon Kayak guided toured trip of Lake Powell. We explore Labyrinth or Face Canyon in the Padre Bay Area supported  Visit two of the most impressive canyons on the lake, but each is completely different! In Labyrinth Canyon you'll explore a slot canyon with beautiful colors and 

Labyrinth Canyon is on Lake Powell and is only accessable by the water. If you come here in anything but a kayak, you'll be swimming quite a distance to get to dry land. This area is located on the Arizona / Utah Border, about 15 miles from the Glen Canyon dam.

Jun 03, 2018 · Labyrinth Canyon - Lake Powell Utah - GoPro on a Jetski - Duration: 11:34. Mountain Sheep 5am Slot Canyon Run on Lake Powell - Duration: 12:44. basu ghosh 12,235 views. 12:44 Mar 13, 2019 - Only accessible through Lake Powell, Labyrinth Slot Canyon has the same colorful sandstone walls as the famous Antelope Canyon.. but without the crowds and fees!

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Labyrinth Canyon is the first canyon on the right after the narrows breaks out into Padre Bay. The canyon winds to the south and narrows toward the end finally ending on a sand beach. The hike into the slot on this day at water level 3613 with rising water featured a gradually swallowing lake that had to be accessed by small craft or wading. On the west side of Page, the slot-forming Navajo sandstone is not exposed; the rocks along the western shore of Lake Powell are mostly Entrada sandstone, though a few short narrows are still found hereabouts such as Blue Pool Wash and Stateline Canyon. Related Sections. Glen Canyon National Recreation Area - general information There are a lot of ramps on Lake Powell, but now only two are useable. Even worse for us, the “Antelope Island Cut” was dry, and several feet above current water level. This would lengthen our planned voyage to Labyrinth Canyon by quite a few miles. That makes a big difference when you can only cover 8 miles in an hour.

2017-06-26 Slot Canyon Labyrinth This is our Slot Canyon Kayak guided toured trip of Lake Powell. We explore Labyrinth or Face Canyon in the Padre Bay Area supported by a motorboat. Learn more about our Full-day tour package of Lake Powell in Glen Canyon.

There is a slot canyon at the end of Labyrinth Canyon. Face Canyon: Face Canyon lies 22 miles up lake from Glen Canyon Dam, just up lake of Dominguez Butte, a 4651 foot formation named after Father Dominguez, (shown below behind Padre (or Padres) Butte with Boundary and Tower Buttes in the background). Slit Arch is found at the end of this canyon. Explore Lake Powell with our Kayak Tour Package or Kayak Rental. It is without a doubt, the best way to explore the unrivaled beauty and grandeur of Lake Powell in Glen Canyon National Recreation area—its deep slot canyons, geologic wonders, and relics of human history—is by kayak. Antelope Canyon (L) and Labyrinth Canyon (R) at Lake Powell. | Photos: Jordan Lapekas. 4. It took 17 years for the Colorado River to fill it up. Lake Powell started filling in 1963 and reached full pool for the first time in 1980. 5. Lake Powell is the second largest reservoir in the United States (Lake Mead in Nevada and Arizona is the largest Welcome to the Labyrinth Canyon DIY River Guide, everything you need to organize a successful float down the amazing Labyrinth Canyon of the Green River in southern Utah. Get away from the crowds in Moab and enjoy a unique and inspiring float trip through a remote wilderness canyon packed with amazing scenery, fantastic sidehikes, beautiful … Continue reading "Welcome to the Labyrinth Canyon Lost Eden Canyon is one of the finest canyons on the north side of Lake Powell. It is one of the closest canyons to Bullfrog and Halls Crossing Marina, making it very easy access. The wakeless speed that is regulated in the canyon makes it a great choice for beginning and experienced paddlers alike. 9) West Canyon - 24 miles from Antelope Point Marina (6 miles up from Face Canyon and 12 miles up from Labyrinth Canyon). Canyon is about 7 miles long. For most paddlers, hiring a motorboat shuttle is required. Time needed: 5+ days without a water taxi. Highlights - Very long canyon. One of the best hikes on Lake Powell is at the end. Feb 20, 2020 · Labyrinth Canyon; It is usually enchanting when we interact with nature, and I am taken to the moon and back when I get that once-in-a-lifetime chance to have some time with the forces of nature. Lake Powell has yet another canyon that perfectly fits into the description, and it is none other than the Labyrinth Canyon. |

2018-04-07 Slot CanyonThis is our Slot Canyon Kayak guided toured trip of Lake Powell. We explore Labyrinth or Face Canyon in the Padre Bay Area supported by a motorboat. Learn more about our Full-day tour package of Lake Powell in Glen Canyon. See Our Schedule And Book Your Trip. Learn About Our Sl

This hike is a perfect day activity from boating/houseboating/camping Lake Powell. We were houseboating by Gunsight/Cookie Jar Buttes and boated across the bay to Labyrinth Bay. We jumped out when the canyon became too narrow for the ski boat and swam the slot canyon. Wear your life jacket. @Cocobru - Labyrinth Canyon on Lake Powell is about 25 miles up the lake from the marinas near Page. So you are looking at a 50 mile round trip. I don't know about you. But I couldn't do that as a day trip, or even want to. Then there's the simple issue of even being able to find Labyrinth Canyon on your own. From across Labyrinth Bay we could see a small looking slot canyon that we believed to be the entrance. We paddled hard towards the slot canyon and were excited to find our kayaks to just fit. The walls stretched up all around us and looked super cool! Unfortunately, after a few paddles in we found the slot canyon was a dead end. In 2010, she turned her love into a new career at Lake Powell; today, she’s the Boat Rentals Manager for Northlake at Lake Powell Resorts & Marinas. Jim Knapp - Jim Knapp first moved to Lake Powell more than 25 years ago; today, he’s the Director of Boat Rental Maintenance for Lake Powell Resorts & Marinas. A factory-certified mechanic for